Heath Music StudioWashington, DC

Organ Instruction

Teen organ student

Organ lessons can begin when piano playing has reached the level of Bach two-part inventions or higher. Typically, students start with a method book such as Gleason or Davis to build fluent manual and pedal technique, and participate in choosing repertoire they enjoy. This often includes selections of short pieces from a method book, choral preludes from Bach's Orgelbuchlein, Kreb's Little Preludes and Fugues, as well as fun show pieces such as Bach's Toccata in d minor or Gawthrop's Toccata Brevis. Advanced students play the gamut of organ literature from French Classic through American Modern.

Study of hymn playing is encouraged and students have the opportunity to experience service playing at St. Columba's Episcopal Church through hymn playing, voluntaries, or ensemble work with the St. Columba Orchestra.

Adult organ student.

Organ lessons are taught on the Flentrop organ at St. Columba's Church, Washington, D.C. Most students prefer to have a digital organ in their homes for practice, however some are able to find sufficient practice time in their home churches.

"There is nothing to playing the organ. You only have to hit the right notes at the right time and the instrument plays itself."Johann Sebastian Bach